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MAXRPM Motorsports
February 3, 2024


Alex Raphael, owner of MAXRPM Motorsports, opened his shop to the Seattle Section and gave us an exciting tour.  We learned about the excellence his technicians bring to routine maintenance as well as performance enhancement.  The shop is sparkling and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like an alignment lift and four-wheel dyno.

We started in the showroom, admiring Alex's 2001 Porsche, with a description of the business and introduction of the personnel.  We moved to the shop to see the equipment and several cars which had been improved per the owners' desires.  Then we went downstairs to see stored cars and hear the stories behind each.

A high point for our Merry Band occurred when Alex deftly slipped behind the wheel of his RED Ferrari (of course it is RED) and fired it up. 

Some of our group cheered, others smiled...while others gazed wistfully at the RED car & wondered why they did not have one.

Terry Saxe

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