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Annual Regional Show & Shine 2023

Sunday, August 20th

By Tony Andrews


A great showing of Mercedes-Benz automobiles at Griot's Garage lawn in Tacoma.

People's Choice voting determined the winners, arranged by class based on year of manufacture:

Best of Show - All Participants

Shawn Bryant                                                1961 190Db

Early Models 1886 - 1989

1st Place - Jim Houk                                     1972 350SL 



Mid Models 1990 - 2006

1st Place - Stacy Rollins                             2005 C55

Late Models 2007 - 2023

1st Place - Hugh Murphy                              2018 E400

In the Display Class

2022 Best of Show - James Bambury 2012 SLS

Best of Showr.JPG
Jim Houkr.JPG
Hugh Murphyr.JPG
Stacy Rollinsr.JPG
Best of Show SLS.JPG
Best of Show James.JPG
Stacy Carr.JPG
Shawn Carr.JPG
Jim Carr.JPG
Hugh Carr.JPG
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