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Saturday morning, January 27

20240127_CryoMode Scott wCar red.jpg
Scott watching his car get blasted
20240127_CryoMode Ruben Exhaust red.jpg
Ruben using electrolytic weld cleaning

Ruben Alanis, owner CryoMode Dry Ice Blasting, explained what dry ice cleaning is and why enthusiasts might consider the service for their vehicles.  Founded in 2022, CryoMode Dry Ice Blasting is the first dedicated dry ice blasting service in the greater Seattle Area.  Ruben discussed the different kinds of vehicles they encounter, and the benefits customers have seen from dry ice cleaning and restoration. He also explained how the service works with different surfaces and materials, and even the few use cases where dry ice treatment may not be effective.


We saw in real-time how pressurized dry ice cleaning can transform the dirtiest parts into factory fresh appearance using an example car (thank you Scott from Avants for loaning your C43).  Lastly, Ruben demonstrated CryoMode's new metal and exhaust restoration service using electrolytic weld cleaning, which can make the bottom side of a car shine as bright as the top.


After the discussion and questions, prizes were awarded.

Cleaning red.JPG
Reed using dry ice blasting
Differential red.JPG
Before and After cleaning
Suspension red.JPG
Cleaning the suspension
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