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41st Annual Tulip Rallye

Saturday, April 20, 2024

On a beautiful Northwest Spring day (cool and sunny) Seattle Section members joined the MG Car Club NW Centre for their 41st Annual LaConner Tulip Daffodil Rallye.  Over 100 cars from multiple car clubs across Washington state were there.  After gathering in the Walmart parking lot in Mount Vernon, all listened intently at the drivers’ meeting and prepared to leave in order of arrival.  The Rallye had two routes, so teams were advised not to just follow the car ahead.  There were 9 pages of directions, some cryptic, and 74 questions to answer.  The route took the group east to Cedar Springs, west by Mud Lake, south to Big Lake, and back to the Walmart.  A very enjoyable 55-mile drive through a beautiful area.  Upon return to the Walmart, door prizes were given out and the answer sheets scored.  A First-Place finisher award was presented for the best score from each car club with 5 or more participants.

Be sure to put this event on your calendar for next year.

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