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2022 Spring Drive Tour
March 20, 2022

by David Glass

On the first day of Spring 2022, the Seattle Section joined the NW Citroen Club on their 11th Annual Spring Drive Tour, organized by "Panhard Paul" Melrose.  We met in Newcastle and when the sun came out, we headed toward Black Diamond on the back roads around Maple Valley and Ravensdale. 

The 95.9 miles of roads and the views were wonderful!  The pit stop in Black Diamond gave us a chance to stretch our legs, visit the Bakery and shops, see the other cars on the tour, and hide from the teaser rain of the season.  An extra treat was to see the Model T Club which had also stopped at the Bakery.  When the sun came out again, we headed toward 5 Mile Lake Park in Auburn, passing near Enumclaw and Wabash.  When the clouds parted a little, we even saw a glimpse of Mount Rainier.  As we made our way to Auburn, we got to experience the multiple twists and turns of SE Lake Holm Road. 

At 5 Mile Lake Park, we gathered the cars and those who had not eaten lunch in Black Diamond did so here.  Thirty cars with fifty-five participants, represented fourteen automotive brands, including our Mercedes-Benz.  Our five MBCA cars included a new member of two weeks.  Another prospective member brought her 1978 450SL which has just recently returned to the road.  All had a great time.

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