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2022 Griot's Motors Sneak Peek

Submitted by: Tony Andrews

Photos by: Joe Malik

On Saturday January 29th approximately 35 MBCA Seattle Section members joined for a private tour of Richard Griots Motors Tour and Private collection.  Members came behind the scenes to visit Griot’s newest venture, Griot’s Motors and see some of Richard’s prized cars, hear the history and stories of what made these cars special and unique.  This was a very rare opportunity to see a bit of history in a part of Griot’s that is not usually open to the general public.  Historic Race Cars, Super Cars and Custom One Off autos all included in his personal garage. 

We wish to thank Philip Griot for coming in on his day off to provide us with this tour and to share his passion of cars and their history.  The Griot’s Motors venture is a full scale auto restoration shop and can offer a variety of services, including but not limited to Complete Auto Detailing, Dry Ice Cleaning, Auto Customization and Restoration.

The event was well received by those that attended and there were many positive comments.  The next time you see this event on the calendar you should make a point to attend, it was well worth the effort.

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