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2021 Candy Cane Drive

Candy Cane.JPG

This year’s Seattle Section Candy Cane Drive has something for everyone.  We have cars, candy, flowers and landscaping supplies, and amazing food!

We will start the day at Mercedes Benz of Seattle at 9:30am for coffee and donuts.  Head out around 10:00am for Boehm’s Candies and Chocolates in Issaquah, and arrive there to commence shopping!  Departing for Flower World around 11:00am with a pit stop at the Snohomish/Duvall Safeway along the way.  Arrive at Flower World in Maltby for leisurely shopping until around 1:15pm.  Then we are off to the regionally famous, Maltby Café for a fabulous breakfast and cinnamon rolls as big as a plate!

Lots of time for driving, fellowshipping, shopping, and eating!  Come on out and join us.

Please RSVP ASAP to:

Capt. Wendell Brunk @

so I can give Maltby Café a head count.

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