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Autumn Peninsula Drive Tour
Saturday, October 14th, 9:00 am 
9621 Mickelberry Road NW in Silverdale

As our incredible Northwest Summer is winding down, we shift gears into Autumn. Get ready for some more fun driving as we will see rain (no surprise, it’s the Northwest!), fog in the mornings, along the coast to the valleys into the countryside & the mountains, even early mountain snow. 

We have been invited to join Paul Melrose and the NW Citroen Owners Club for their Autumn Drive Tour Saturday, October 14th, 2023.  We will start the drive at Austin Chase Coffee at 9621 Mickelberry Road NW in Silverdale.

Social Time starts at 9:00 am

Driver’s Meeting: 10:15 am

Drive tour starts: 10:30 am

Pit Stop: Lions Park in Bremerton (30 minutes to enjoy & relax).

End the fun drive for lunch at Amelia’s Hangar Restaurant & Lounge at Bremerton National Airport where we should arrive around 1:15 pm.
Please RS
VP to Paul Melrose so he can get a good count for lunch at Amelia's Hanger Restaurant & Lounge.  Be sure to ask for a copy of the directions if you would like to print one out.
Paul’s cell # 425
We will have a driving app as well as paper copies of the driving directions. Both will be available the day of the drive tour. Keep in mind, the driving app will be available exclusive day of the drive tour only. If you plan on driving the route of the drive tour again later on, please email Paul, and he will email the driving directions for anyone to use on their own time.  By the way, there is no cost except lunch to go on the Autumn Drive Tour.
We will start the Autumn Drive Tour on the Peninsula in Silverdale, and meander enroute to Brownsville, down to Manette, across the 2 bridges, Manette Bridge & Warren Ave Bridge. We will have a Pit Stop at Lions Park in Bremerton with beautiful views of Port Washington Narrows & across the way Anderson Cove.  Please enjoy the scenery, the cool cars, camaraderie with everyone and there also restrooms available at the park. We will be using the Boat launch to park our Beautiful Cars for the Pit Stop.
We will be at the Pit Stop for around 30 minutes at Lions Park to allow everyone to park, use the facilities, and enjoy the beautiful scenery and of course the Olympic Mountains Views! (Especially with no clouds floating around, hope for a sunny day! Indeed!) Even those people that need another snack at the local snack bar or gas up before the Pit Stop, we wait for them as well.
We will continue enroute after the Pit Stop to Tracyton, great water views (Dyes Inlet) while cruising on to the next section which we will go through Silverdale again, then, onto NW Anderson Hill Rd to countryside fun roads of the Peninsula. We will continue past the famous Big Beef Creek, which has Fabulous Splendid Views!!  Recommend a slow, slow, cruise on speed to really enjoy & take in the views as well, as we arrive in the town of Seabeck, a quaint place, for those who need another snack, here’s another great opportunity along the way. Especially when you are seeing Hood Canal!
We will go by a Saloon on our travels, and past Gold Mountain Golf Club, the tree line is so high, you won’t be able to see the golf course itself unless you are eager to travel up the golf course road.
We will turn Right onto South 3 and as we head towards the final leg of the drive you will see and go by Rodeo Drive-In where you can enjoy outdoor movies by vehicle, only a few left in the Northwest. From there, the open views of Bremerton National Airport are on your left. Kitty corner to the East is Bremerton Raceway, which many have experienced over the years. From there we cruise on to end the fun Peninsula Drive for lunch at Amelia’s Hangar at Bremerton National Airport, this is a new restaurant & lounge this year, so come out for the fun drive & stay for lunch, we should arrive around 1:15pm.
Please RSVP if you are planning to stay for lunch so I can get a nice, estimated count of people to reserve seating for our lunch at the final destination of this year’s Autumn Drive Tour. Please Park by the grass section to your right, it holds a lot of cars, Every Wednesday they have a Car Cruise-In at the airport in Bremerton. 
After lunch take a fun route home at your discretion. We look forward to seeing you all at this year’s Autumn Drive Tour on the Peninsula!
Paul Melrose "Panhard Paul"
Autumn Drive Tour Coordinator

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