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Mercedes in Montesano
Saturday, July 16, 2022
Downtown Montesano, WA along Main Street
Montesano Poster.jpg

Perhaps you have seen the TV advertising proclaiming Grays Harbor as "unforgettable"? What the advert is really talking about is Montesano, the "jewel of the Pacific Northwest". The Social Season in Montesano kicks off with the Historic Car Show on Saturday 16 July. Registration opens at 8:00 am and awards are scheduled for 2:30pm. The Show takes place on Broadway Street in front of the County Courthouse, the County Jail & the Montesano Police Department. As you might imagine, all attendees are well behaved! Registration is $20/$15 with an item for the food bank. 
The Saturday Market will be in full swing. There will be vendors hawking various baubles & trinkets, books, car parts...and junk masquerading as antiques. A little something for everyone. Bring chairs so you'll be comfy while you field questions about your noble steed. Did someone mention lunch?  We normally bring a picnic lunch and gather with others. There are typically food trucks and there are eateries within walking distance..2-3 blocks.
So, there you have it. Leave the Big City far behind & join us in Montesano.

Terry & Barb Saxe

If you would like to drive with our group from the Tacoma area, we will leave

Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma, 1701 Alexander Avenue E, Fife WA at 8:30 AM on July 16 and plan a stop in Olympia. Otherwise, we will see you in Montesano.

David Glass

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